Follow These 4 Tips to Keep Weeds Away After Paver Sealing Daytona

Mon, Aug 30, 2021 at 11:16AM

Follow These 4 Tips to Keep Weeds Away After Paver Sealing Daytona

You just hired Daytona paver sealing pros to bring your pavers back to life – now what? They may look like brand new now, but will you be able to say the same a year from now? Weed growth is inevitable and this unsightly problem can quickly ruin your professional paver sealers. However, there’s good news, too! Some simple tips are all it takes to remove and prevent weed growth. Just read on to learn more!

Remove Weeds Manually

If you are at a point where the weeds have grown to considerable size, then find tight-fitting gloves and knee pads to make this arduous task as comfortable as possible. After suiting up for combat with the weeds, dampen the soil as much as possible – this makes it easier to pull those nasty weeds up by their roots. Consider bringing along a serrated knife to get in between the cracks.

Stop Growth with Natural Remedies

Fortunately, there are plenty of natural remedies that you yourself can make with ingredients found at home! Besides being convenient and easy, these remedies are environmentally safe as well:

  • Baking soda overloads weeds with salts and absorbs water from its tissues, leading to quick extermination.
  • Vinegar is a chemically acetic acid, which also draws the moisture out of the weed’s roots.
  • After applying a grass cutter treatment, simply pour some boiling water into the cracks to kill weeds.

Apply Chemical Treatments

There are plenty of chemical treatments available on the market, it is simply a matter of finding which one works best for your needs! These herbicides and weedicides come in many different shapes and sizes and are designed to stop different stages of weed growth. This includes pre-sprouting weedicide, post-sprouting weedicide, selective herbicides, and non-selective herbicides. Be sure to always read the label before using your treatment of choice because it could also harm the rest of your yard.

Use Polymeric Sand to Your Benefit

Traditionally, patio owners used to remove and replace the contaminated sand between pavers. However, it would only alleviate weed growth for a short period of time and it was even liable to loosen the bonds of the pavers. Nowadays, we enjoy the many benefits of polymeric sand! After activation by water, the sand particles become glued together in between pavers, which prevents the invasion of seeds of weeds.

After investing in Daytona Beach pressure cleaning, don’t let weeds overtake your beautiful driveways and walkways again! By following these simple steps, you can prevent weed growth in your pavers and maintain that like-new shine. Are you in need of Daytona paver sealing and restoration? Just give A to Z Pressure Washing a call today – we will protect your pavers and even stain them to extend their life!

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