4 Key Considerations When Choosing Paver Sealers

Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 9:30AM

4 Key Considerations When Choosing Paver Sealers

When you’re looking for paver sealers, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the thousands of products on the market. However, putting in the appropriate research to find the best sealer for your walkways and driveways is well worth the effort. Choosing paver sealers that are best for your project begins with understanding what your surfaces are made of. Worry not, though – A to Z Pressure Washing is here to help! Below, we go into greater detail about different surfaces and which sealers are best for each.

Penetrating Silane-Based

This sealer is quite watery – something that you can often tell quickly just from shaking the tin. Though it isn’t the most effective at preventing buildup of grime or wear and tear, it does excel in areas that are constantly exposed to moisture. Silane-based sealers do an incredible job of stopping water penetration into the cracks and crevices of pavers, which will minimize lichen, efflorescence, and the growth of moss.

Solvent-Based Acrylic

If you have stone pavers rather than concrete products, then solvent-based acrylic sealers are your best bet. They penetrate between stone pavers better than water-based acrylics, which we’ll expand on below. Solvent-based acrylic sealers boast incredible resistance to chemicals and abrasions, which makes them an ideal choice for surfaces that are frequently affected with high wear and tear.

Water-Based Acrylic

This sealer provides an excellent level of penetration for concrete materials – all you need to do is water it down, then brush in the sealer aggressively. Additionally, adding on a heavy topcoat will serve as a protective barrier against grime and dirt. Water-based acrylic sealers don’t typically last as long as solvent-based acrylics, which means you may need to apply new layers more often, but they are very effective at preventing wear and tear, as well as accumulation of dirt and grime.

Water-Based Acrylic That Includes a Silane

Like the previous sealer, you can get the highest degree of protection afforded from water-based acrylics that include a silane by watering down your pavers and brushing it in aggressively. They offer good protection against wear and tear, efflorescence, dirt, and grime, making these sealers one of the best overall options when looking for a sealed concrete paver. Plus, this type of sealer tends to be more resistant to water than the normal water-based acrylic, which eliminates moss growth.

Every homeowner should choose their paver sealers based on the materials of their walkways and driveway, as well as the effects that they’d like to achieve. Common benefits of different paver sealers include reduction of wear and tear, non-yellowing, reducing efflorescence, repelling water, and a glossy final coat. Carefully look through product descriptions, and don’t hesitate to speak with paver sealing experts to learn more. A to Z Pressure Washing is happy to answer all your questions, including recommending the best paver sealers for your home!

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