Why You Should Pressure Wash Before Painting

Mon, Nov 08, 2021 at 9:00AM

Why You Should Pressure Wash Before Painting

Nothing gives homes a fresh facelift quite like a new coat of paint! In addition to changing up color schemes, new paint can make a home look brand new again. However, if your exterior surfaces are dirty or contaminated with algae or mildew, then all the painting you do might not even stick. Before picking up a paint brush, first pick up the phone and get Daytona Beach pressure washers on the line – we explain why below!

Power Washing Before Painting is Very Important

Did you know that preparing your home for painting is just as important as the paint itself? This is true because dirt, grime, and mildew can create bumpy and uneven coats – or prohibit the paint from sticking altogether. Power washing is your best option for removing all that unsightly buildup. After getting a thorough pressure wash, your home will be easier to paint, and it will look even better afterwards, too!

There’s More to It than Just Water

If power washing only used water, then it would never remove some of that nastier stuff, like mold and mildew. Professional power washing companies also utilize bleaching solutions and eco-safe cleansers that help ensure that mold and mildew are completely killed off. Simply spraying down your sides with a hose is nowhere near as effective because it doesn’t accomplish the same results, which is why you need expert pressure washing services before you start painting.

Pressure Washing Businesses Do It Safer

Power washing can be a dangerous effort, especially for amateur homeowners who are unfamiliar with this line of work. Professionals have equipment that is designed to offer an exceptional clean even in small crevices and areas high up on your home and roofline, which saves you from having to climb any ladders or wield a power washer.

Your Best Option Before Painting

It is possible to purchase your own power washer and attempt to clean your home in this manner, but we strongly recommend not doing that. It takes a very specific amount of pressure to clean exterior surfaces without damaging materials, and power washing experts can make sure your home gets the best clean possible before you start painting. Rather than pressing onward with your paint before getting your home cleaned, or trying to do it yourself, you should always call the experts.

Have you already picked out the next shade to paint your home? Stop right there and give A to Z Pressure Washing a call next! We can come out to your home and provide a thorough clean, making sure that all dirt, mold, and mildew is removed so that you can paint smooth, clean surfaces. Ask us about our different services today!

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