The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Windows with Daytona Pressure Washing

Mon, Aug 30, 2021 at 11:14AM

The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Windows with Daytona Pressure Washing

Natural light abounds in Florida and this precious resource deserves to be let inside as often as possible. It’s safe, economical, and it boasts a myriad of psychological benefits including increased productivity! However, dirty windows will block some of that beneficial sunlight out, as well as worsen your home’s curb appeal. Before you pick up your window cleaner of choice, be sure to read through our dos and don’ts of window cleaning!

DO Clean Every Part of the Window

Windows are constantly exposed to all sorts of elements in Florida: glaring sunshine, sheets of rain, and fierce winds, just to name a few! Without regular cleaning, dirt and debris will accumulate on your windows and compromise their performance. Plus, it will make it even harder to open and close the windows. Don’t let this dirt stain your windows – clean it off regularly!

DON’T Use the Wrong Materials

Have you ever seen someone wiping off a window with a newspaper? It may seem strange, but newspapers are cheap, accessible, and don’t leave behind fuzz like some towels might. However, they can leave behind traces of ink, and they won’t even wipe away all your cleaning fluid! Ditch the newspapers and stick to microfiber cloths or sponges instead.

DO Use the Right Cleaner

The market is saturated with plenty of window cleaners. If you choose not to visit the store for your cleaning fluids, it’s just as easy to make your own at home! Simply mix equal parts white vinegar and hot water, then add a touch of liquid soap – this will eliminate any residual streak-causing wax left on the window. When cleaning, make sure to wipe away all the fluid with your cloths or sponges.

DON’T Clean on Hot and Sunny Days

That famous Florida sunshine can be inspiring when you’re working up the courage to get outside and wipe those windows. However, you must keep in mind that – though your windows will dry faster on a sunny day – they are more prone to streaking and staining as you clean. It’s better to wait for a cool, overcast day to do your window cleaning.

DO Call the Best Pressure Washers for Your Daytona Pressure Washing Needs

We know that these tips will help but if you have more questions, then you may benefit from the expert assistance of Daytona Beach pressure washers. Contact A to Z Pressure Washing today – we are your go-to choice for the best Daytona Beach FL power washing! Allow us to take care of all your pressure washing so you can save on time and effort to focus on things like work, family, or leisure. We look forward to hearing more about your needs!

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