Your Guide to Pressure Washing Different Types of Home Siding

Wed, Jun 15, 2022 at 9:00AM

Your Guide to Pressure Washing Different Types of Home Siding

Pressure washing your home’s exterior isn’t as simple as gassing up and going. You can’t just indiscriminately blast away at the outside of your house without damaging something. Some outdoor surfaces need a little moderation to get through the cleaning process unharmed.

Daytona Pressure Washing

Your home’s exterior spends a lot of time outside. This sounds a little simple, sure, but it’s true. That’s why it needs to be cleaned regularly. You’ll want to at least knock the dust off every once in a while — and blast away moss and mold that can accumulate. The question is, how? Is there a technique? Is all siding the same?

For example, the experts know that it’s best to soft wash stucco instead of pressure washing it, and they also know that vinyl siding is best served by carefully pressure washing it. It makes sense to use a pressure washing service whenever possible because why would you want to work harder than you have to?

Vinyl Siding

Daytona pressure washing pros know that, while it’s okay to pressure wash vinyl siding, it’s also a task that requires a delicate, expert touch. Older vinyl siding can become brittle, especially if it has been allowed to become UV damaged due to old, peeling paint. 

If it has been unprotected from the sun, it can shatter if the operator unleashes brute force with a power washer, so the technique is key with this siding type. The idea is to use just the right amount of pressure and power to get the siding clean to maximize its durability.

Concrete and Composites

LP Smartside and HardieBoard siding are engineered lumber products that are composited with concrete, and they are so durable that many products like these carry a 50-year warranty. Since they are paintable, you need to take great care to ensure that the coating is not blasted away by pressure washing.

Natural Wood Siding

While this type of siding is becoming rarer, some houses still have it. Care must be taken to avoid splintering the wood, and that’s easier for a rough-sawn product than it is for a colonial-style milled type of siding.

Take Care

Whatever your siding type, if you’re looking for a Daytona pressure wash, it’s best to protect your investment by doing thorough research before pulling the cord on that pressure washer. 

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