3 Surprising Areas of Your Home that Can Be Pressure Washed

Wed, Jun 15, 2022 at 9:00AM

3 Surprising Areas of Your Home that Can Be Pressure Washed

The humble pressure washer does so much more than you might think it can — from rescuing stranded toys in trees to stripping paint and cleaning the barbecue grill. Is there anything this multitasker can’t do?

Pressure Washing in New Smyrna Beach

Apparently, pressure washing is useful for a lot of other household tasks. For instance, a pressure washer is allegedly a pretty good way to peel your potatoes! Don’t bring it into your kitchen and expect there won’t be consequences, though. Maybe it’s best to keep it outside where it belongs. It is a gasoline-powered tool, after all.

1. Clean Your Gutters

People looking into the possibilities for pressure washing in New Smyrna Beach might be surprised to discover that a pressure washer is a great tool for cleaning your gutters. 

If you’ve ever peered over the edge of your roof into your gutters, you’ve probably discovered all of the little bits of gravel that roll off your composite shingles and collect there — not to mention all of the decomposed leaves and other organic material that just sits in there and turns to black sludge. 

Powering up the pressure washer is a great way to blast the gunk out and get your gutters scoured down to bare metal again. 

2. Wash Your Windows

A pressure washer can make short work of dirty screens and windows when used appropriately. Blast away bird droppings, spider webs and egg sacs, dirt, and grime. Clean out the tracks of your sliding glass doors. 

You can follow up with a soft brush on a pole for extra cleaning power or add detergent to your pressure washer’s additive tank and finish the job with a squeegee for a professional result.

3. Trash Cans

Consider your lowly trash can if you’re still looking for another creative way to implement power washing in New Smyrna Beach. It’s easy to take trash cans for granted, isn’t it? You just sling the trash in, slam the lid, and walk away as quickly as possible. 

But that smell! 

But why not take care of that odor by ridding your cans of the source that causes it? Unleash the mighty multitasking pressure washer, and blast away months (or years) of accumulated trash juice. 

A pressure washer’s mighty stream goes places no scrub brush ever could. Easily clean your trash can’s every crevice and cranny with a pressure washer, and enjoy a set of trash cans so clean, you could nearly eat off of them.

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