Can Pressure Washing Remove Stains from My Driveway?

Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 9:00AM

Can Pressure Washing Remove Stains from My Driveway?

Have you noticed your driveway losing its luster because of staining? Have you tried removing the stains without much success? Maybe you’ve researched various detergents and realized they likely wouldn’t get the job done. 

So your interest in pressure washing increases — it seems to be the last option for getting results. But before investing in the service, you have to wonder, can pressure washing be the solution to your problem?  

The answer is yes. You can replace your elbow grease with pressure washing in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and restore the curb appeal to your driveway. 

What Stains Can Pressure Washing Remove? 

Most homeowners use the driveway for more than just parking their cars. It’s often the location for family activities, which expose it to more than oil and dirt. But can power washing take care of these stains? 

Chewing Gum 

Gum is one of the most challenging substances to remove from any surface. But with pressure washing, even the most hardened, trampled piece gets washed away. The trick is spraying hot water at the gum, forcing it to melt. Before you know it, any gum caked on your driveway will be a thing of the past. 

Oil and Grease 

Everyone knows that oil and grease are a pain to remove. But with pressure washing and a degreasing solution, these old stains get quickly eliminated. 


Tricky paint spots are no longer a problem with power washing in New Smyrna Beach. The high-intensity water from a pressure washer knocks the chips loose and flushes them from your driveway.   

General Staining 

Professional pressure washers add specialized detergent to the water, making it a powerful stain remover. With the right mixture, you can lift most stains from your driveway, including: 

  • Dirt
  • Leaves
  • Algae
  • Built-up grime

You don’t have to look at unsightly staining on your driveway when you have access to a local team of professional pressure washers. 

Why Work with Experts in Pressure Washing in New Smyrna Beach, Florida?

Pressure washing equipment isn’t difficult to use. However, operators must be careful and understand how to control the equipment. The water pressure can reach up to 4,000 pounds of pressure per square inch — enough to damage concrete or injure yourself or others.  

Some nozzles are designed to limit pressure, but safety hazards remain. Professionals are trained to use pressure washers that prevent injuries and damage and have the necessary safety equipment to ensure they don’t get injured along the way. 

A qualified professional will make sure the job gets done right and will leave your driveway looking as good as new.    

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