7 Household Objects That You Should Never Pressure Clean

Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 10:00AM

7 Household Objects That You Should Never Pressure Clean

Pressure washing is all about high pressure and water at normal temperature. It's great for driveway cleaning, and the result is a clean surface without algae, mold, dirt, and grime. Here are some tips from Daytona Beach pressure washing experts on 7 household items you shouldn’t pressure wash.


Pressure washing windows is dangerous due to the height at which you have to aim a high-pressure water stream. You could fall or shatter a window or even destroy the elastic sealing used to keep out humidity.

Asphalt Roofing

Power washing uses hot water, and pressure cleaning the shingles at high pressure will demolish the granules. The damage may be either clearly visible or reveal itself through leaks throughout the home. A driveway cleaning is a better usage of Daytona Beach pressure cleaning.

Air Conditioning Units

Pressure washing can destroy the wiring inside and interfere with the system’s processes. In worst cases, you could damage the air conditioning unit immediately – a mistake that could cost thousands of dollars.

Stained Wood or Wood Siding

Pressure washing will erase the finish from wood. Likewise, water can get up into your home if you focus the power wash on wood siding. The insulation could be at risk, as well as items in the household that could get wet and damaged.

Old Furniture

If you have old outdoor furniture, pressure washing may destroy furniture that’s not well put together. The leftover moisture can also settle into furniture and cause it to rot or mold.


You might think of your vehicle as an extension of your home. It might be tempting to spray the vehicles inside your garage, but pressure washing them could tear off the paint and even dent the metal. Choose instead to hand-wash your car to get your vehicle shining the way you want.

Lead Paint

Don’t pressure wash anything with lead paint. It’s dangerous because lead chips can spread throughout the air. You’ll also compromise the paint on the surface, leading to costly and time-consuming repairs later.

Pressure washing and driveway cleaning will help you build an attractive, clean exterior for your household. As long as you’re aware of what not to pressure wash, your surfaces will stay clean and undamaged for years to come. Trust in the expert team at A to Z Pressure Washing to handle your power washing needs when the time comes!

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